aMfoyo - “a Message for you” is a messenger application for AndriodTM systems. Its purpose is to send and receive pictures, videos, text- and speech messages.

  • The infrastructure for running the application should remain under the control of the community that uses the app. The Java application for running your own server can be downloaded under the section “Server”.
  • If it is possible the application will spread your messages over all servers that are saved.
  • Amfoyo will never hand out your name or telephone number to the server or other users. The communication takes place over an ID that is based on the telephone number or the Gmail-account. You might have to switch your “standard massaging app” to “messages” (This is the standard sms-app from android.) while configuring amfoyo.
  • All transmitted messages and attachments are encrypted.
  • Due to the encryption the mobile data consumption of the program is higher. The size of the data package is mostly determined by the number of recipients.
  • Be aware that the data is only encrypted during the transmission. On the device the data is not encrypted by the app.
  • When reinstalling the app you will not receive your old messages. There will no messages be stored on the servers because the servers do not have the key to open them.

System requirements:
  • Android 4.0 or higher

a message for you
an android messenger app
by martin buchwald (c)2014
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